Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: First Crush

Wordless Wednesday in the blogosphere means we're supposed to try to not use any words. I'm going to break that tradition today. Instead of telling you something visually, I'd like to share something that has me at a loss for words. It has to leave you silent too because it's a secret. Shhhhhhhhhhhhh!

When we got to Jonas's school last night, he was showing us to the gym when a little girl walked by going in the opposite direction and said "It's this way, Jonas." He completely ignored her and kept on going. "Jonas, that was rude," I said. He blushed and went with her. He was nervous and excited, I reasoned, and made a mental note to talk to him later about it.

The concert was great. When they came on stage the first time, he was in the back row with a huge smile on his face. The second time, he was front and centre, singing his heart out but staring at the floor. He stared at the floor every time thereafter, except in the last scene when he was in the back again. 

When we got home, we had a cup of hot chocolate, watched the video with him, and then it was bedtime. I crawed into his bed beside him so we could snuggle for a few minutes and asked if he had fun. "Yup," he said. "What was your favorite part of the play?" I asked. He said it was the beginning and then end when he was in the back. Thinking the reason was because he was so nervous, I enquired "Why?" (Here comes the loss of words part.)

It turns out that I was right about him being nervous but my radar was way off. The reason he liked being in the back was because of that little girl he was rude to. He was happier in the back because he was far from her. (She was in the front row every time.) "Oh boy," I thought, being rude to his classmate is certainly no way to endear him to his classmates, especially when she seemed to be being nice to him, and even if she's one of the kids that's laughing at the way he talks.
"Why do you want to stay away from her," I asked. "Because I like her," he said quietly turning his face into the pillow. I wasn't sure that I heard him properly because it was translated by my mom brain into something like "AHHHHHHHHHHH!", so I blurted out "What?"

"Mom, I really like her." Oh. I wasn't prepared for that. Uh Oh!

"Is she nice?" "Yup." "Is she friendly?" "Yup." "Is she smart?" "Oh yeah!" "Is she funny?" "Very!" "Is she good at games?" "Oh yeah. She runs super fast and she's really good at football. I can catch the ball pretty good but she's a super thrower! And she's really funny. She knows lots of good jokes and she's a good singer too."

"If you like her, why did you ignore her when she tried to help you tonight?" I asked gently. He said "Because if I'm near her or talk to her, she's going to know that I like her and she might want to kiss me and I don't want to get married yet."

Enter my loss of words.


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  1. Oh my gosh... I have tears in my eyes. That is so cute and so sad all at the same time. Thanx for sharing.