Thursday, December 22, 2011

Our little boy is growing up. He's changed so much over the past year, particularly the last 6 months. He's thinking more mature and elaborate thoughts, wrestling with big life issues and pondering those eternal questions that some of us never find answers too. He's also got his first crush. I'm not used to the idea yet, but I'm trying. We talked a bit more about her and I ended up speechless again.

He was a little embarassed while we were preparing Christmas cards and gifts for his class last night, mostly I'm sure because his Dad was having a little fun with him. Steve pointed out that he could stick two candy canes on a card to make a heart and that he could put Xs and Os instead of smiley cafes under his signature. (Dads!)

I asked him to tell me a little more about this girl and I nearly blew hot chocolate out my nose when he said "She's hot, Mom!" After I cleaned up the mess and regained my composure, I asked "What does hot mean?" He got that look on his face that kids get when they're parents ask a stupid question. "Isn't it obvious, Mom?" he retorted. "It means she's beee-uuuuu-titiful" he said with decreasing volume and increasing blush in his face until he finally turned away from me.

My baby really is growing up.


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