Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Comes Two Weeks Early

Tasha came home for the weekened!  It was the only chance we'd have to be together until New Year's day, so we decided to make it a Christmas weeekend at our house.

The weekend began in earnest when she surprised Jonas at school on Friday. They had a night out at the movies together while Steve and I went to my company Christmas party. Jonas was so happy and excited that he crawled into our bed so he could tell me all about it when Steve and I got home.

We spent the rest of the weekend celebrating all things Christmas, including a full-on turkey dinner last night. In fact, we barely made it out of our pajamas! We decorated the house, put up the tree and the stockings, put a serious dent in our Christmas shopping lists, made a gingerbread house, sang Christmas carols and watched Christmas movies. Most of the very best parts of Christmas, two weeks early. It was great! The only thing we didn't get done was a visit to the big guy in the red suit. Jonas was having so much fun with Tasha that he didn't want to waste time standing in line at the mall.  ;)

The Blanchard family stockings: Steve, Jacqui, Tasha, Jonas and Teddy

Happy Holidays! 

To all of our  friends around the world, no matter what culture or religion,
may you enjoy a very special holiday season.


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