Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Budding Outdoorsman

Jonas has always been the kind of kid who's happiest outdoors, exploring nature. He started camping before he was born and hiking before he could walk. Both are things he now loves as an eight year old.

How did that happen?

We simply let his curiosity, enthusiasm and energy lead us all. We started him young, we never forced him or sucked the fun out of it for him (except when his mind and body butted heads with safety) and we don't let the changing seasons stop us. We do it as a family and we let his passions lead the way. If he wants to carry Steve's rucksack pack full of survival gear, we let him. When four year old Jonas insisted that Teddy come with us on every hike we got him a pack with a special seat belt for Teddy. When he became ready to use a knife and learn to start a campfire, we started to teach him. When he wanted to climb trees, we cheered him on. Make snow angels? No problem! Build a tee-pee? Sure, why not! We're also helping him develop smart outdoor safety habits and learn the basics of wilderness survival along the way. Something that, for now at least, he's got a keen interest in.

These are the reasons why we camp and hike, even in the winter, they're and a big part of the reason he and I joined Scouts together - to encourage his love of the outdoors and to nurture the wild child within him. We are but two of his teachers. He is the leader of us all!


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