Thursday, December 20, 2012

School Christmas Concert

Jonas all ready to rock the gynasium.

I had the pleasure of watching Jonas's school Christmas concert today and I must admit that I was a blubbering fool. Something about watching my little boy playing "The Little Drummer Boy" on his recorder with his class made me tear up. I could say it was because of how hard he's worked to learn the song. (He even used some of his piggy bank money to buy his own second (red) recorder so he could have one at school and at home.) Or I could claim that it was how confident he looked while doing it. In part it was because I kept flashing back to his kindergarten concerts, and thinking that we'll be doing that all over again in a few years with BGB.

The truth is, what made me cry was watching him look casually around the gym when he walked in, and then get huge smile on his face when he picked me out of the crowd. Just like almost every other kid who had a parent there, he started waving, and kept waving as I waved back and hepointed me out to his best buddy Kyah. (Kyah is a girl, by the way, and their teacher calls them "Frick and Frack" because they've bonded to well.) It made my heart melt and tears start to flow.


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