Friday, December 28, 2012

Love that kid!

Jonas was totally into Santa Claus at his SK Christmas concert in 2008

A co-worker asked me yesterday if Jonas is still into Santa Claus and Christmas magic. My answer was that he's on the cusp of outgrowing Santa but he's old enough now to really start getting into the true meaning of Christmas. That seemed to confuse her a bit so I'll explain.

Jonas told us several times that this year he's too old to sit on Santa's knee, and he never did get around to writing a letter. He still believes in Santa, but he didn't really have a wish list or any sense of urgency about recieving gifts. When we took him Christmas shopping, there was no "Can I have this? Instead we got a bunch of "Can I get this for so-and-so?" I said to Steven last night, that it almost makes me sad to think that we haven't instilled a greater sense of the Christmas magic in him.

Almost.....  More than anything, it reminded me of Christmas 2007, when he was three and half, and the only thing he asked for was a cradle for his Teddy.

One of the many wonderful things about Jonas is the fact that he's just not into stuff. He never has been. It's one of the things we're most proud of as his parents. He rarely asks for anything for himself, he's just as happy with some little dollar store toy as he is anything big and extravagent, and he's most happy with his stuff when he can share it. (To be fair, his request for stuff have become almost non-existant since we got rid of cable tv a year and a half ago, and he stopped getting bombarded with commercials.) 

That said, he was blessed to receive lots of stuff this year, and he's enjoying it all - even the clothes.


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  1. I think I stopped believing in Santa at around 6 believe it or not. I noticed my mother's hand writing was the same as Santa. My mother happily told me the truth and I was okay with it.

    Coming from a dual religion household, our Christmas was pretty normal. Presents. Tree. That's it. Was a time when our parents gave us things they could only have dreamed of when they were growing up, both of them quite poor. It taught my sister and I the importance of how lucky we were and to pass on our good fortune whenever possible.