Tuesday, December 11, 2012

BGB Week 33 Update

This one's for the belly shot hounds.

At 33 weeks, everything is going very well. We have officially entered the stage of pregnancy when it is impossible for either of us to get comfortable, or for me to take a proper breath. Bladder being used as a punching bag, a butt sticking out of my tummy, two feet in my ribs, and she seems to like practicing splaying her fingers and toes in sort of prenatal wave. I'm not complaining, mind you.  :)   I couldn't be happier about it.

The 33rd week is a major milestone for us. Week 33 is when we lost Owen, and that memory is a bit of distraction this week. We paid tribute to him by moving his butterfly onto our Christmas tree, watched over by the angel on top of the tree. We're focusing on the positive and staying optimistic, and I have to tell you that that little green butterfly fills me hope. Butterflies symbolize change and new beginnings. Special thanks to my Sister-in-Law Anne, for that very special gift.

Of course, things are very different this time around. The doctors are monitoring us very closely and that gives us great piece of mind. Something we saw in  a tv show brought to Jonas's attention that sometimes babies don't survive, and made him wonder about BGB. He asked if our baby is ok and has been more concerned with her condition that he usually is, so we took him out of school early on Monday afternoon so he and Steve could join BGB and I for our stress testing, which we passed with flying colours.

Of course Steve and I always breath a little easier when we're reassured that she's doing ok, but the second best part of the day was Jonas's reaction. He thought it was neat to hear the baby's heartbeat and see how it changes when she moves. He was  very interested in the monitoring of contractions too. They're still weak, just as they should be, but he had quite a conversation with nurse about how they change during labour. I imagine that's going to generate a few questions in the coming weeks. :/


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