Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Adventures of Ninja Girl

I didn't get much reading done, I was too busy enjoying the sounds of BGB's heartbeat.

Our Non-Stress Test went very well yesterday. BGB was an active little ninja and passed with flying colours. I had a tiny glimpse of what heart failure feels like when her heartbeat bottomed out at one point. Thankfully, the monitor lead just came lose when I coughed. Once the nurse repositioned it, we were right on track again. Until she tried to take my blood pressure and it was super low too. I felt fine so she tried another BP cuff and, viola, perfect. Phew!

BGB kept up her ninja routine after we got home. As Jonas's ADHD meds wore off after school, he got louder and more animated, and BGB responded in kind. In fact, it was super cute when she did what felt like an all-over body wiggle when he suggested that we name her "Alexander Christopher".

You read that right. Alexander Christopher. Not Alexandra or Alexandria. Not Christina or Christin. Christopher is the name of one of his awesome uncles, so I get that. He has no idea where he came up with Alexander, but he's not in favour of the feminine alternatives and he thinks Alex would be a great nickname for her. I think I like his suggestion of "Sam" better but we'll try this combo on for a while. Who knows, maybe it will be the one that sticks.


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