Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: A Great Night

Jonas was home sick on Monday and although he made it to school yesterday, he didn't feel up to going to Cub Scouts last night. We stayed home and it turned out to be a pretty great night.

I've never seen Jonas so excited to do homework!
His assignment last night was to explore
He actually cried when it was time to take a break for dinner.

While he did his homework on my computer,
I sat beside him and continued reading "Catching Fire" 

on a Kindle ereader I borrowed from a friend.

None of us had big appetites or felt like cooking so...
we had PB, banana and honey on whole wheat for dinner
And fresh picked honey crisp apples for dessert

Jonas kicked my butt at a few games of Uno 

I beat him at chess and then chicken out on letting him humilate me at cribbage
This morning I discovered why tooth brushing took so long and was so animated last night.

We read "Guess How Much I Love You" to BGB before we turned out the lights.
It's still one of  Jonas's favourites and he's very much looking forward to reading it to his little sister.

Who needs a race car bed?
We talked about Cub Scout Camp, which is something he always looks forward to.

Sometime after I kissed him good night, he decided to practice with his sleeping bag and bedroom floor.

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