Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Lingerie Drawer

Today's blog entry comes to you from a place of vital importance. It's a topic we usually reserve for conversation on girls' night, but it's common ground to all of us. We all need them and most of us use them daily. No matter how thick your rose-coloured glasses are, life is simply miserable if you don't have the right ones. Some of us, especially pregnant women, can find the process of buying new ones only slightly less involved and stressful than getting the oil changed in our vehicles. I resisted until I could resist no more and tonight, with the support of my loving husband, I found sweet relief.

Thank you! Thank you Thyme Maternity! Thank you for bras and underwear that fit properly and are super comfy. Thank you for saving me hours of feeling like a hippo trying to squeeze into a drinking straw, trying to figure out the right size. Thank you for bringing to my dressing room ever realistic option to try on, without making me walk around the store or, worse, asking my husband to walk back and forth making sense of the overwhelming number of selections. Thank you for the sweet relief of finding a few things in just the right size and shape. Thank you for not making everything in the granny gitch style that is the exact opposite of anyone's illusion of sexy. Thank for you also for having a good sale. It wasn't necessary but made the process much easier to swallow. And thank you for reminding me that one day, this daily growth will start to reverse itself and that my body will some day return to it's not so uncomfortable configuration.

Thank you also to my amazing husband Steven! Thank you for going with me and creating at least the illusion of a romantic adventure around this task that I've dreaded so much. No. It wasn't anything like we see in the movies or on tv. It wasn't romantic at all. You didn't even get to go into the dressing room with me but, then again, your fantasies of what could go on are no dobut MUCH more appealing than what actually happened in there. I know that smile on your face was only for my benefit, except for the moment when the sales girl told us how big my boobs really are at the moment.  And that giggle you let escape when she followed that number letter combo with a reminder that they are still going to get bigger? You're welcome for that.


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