Thursday, October 25, 2012

Silencing the Alarm Bells - Phew!

Sorry for the delay, friends. I've been trying to catch up at work and at home, but mostly on my sleep. ;)  I forget sometimes that this isn't just a personal diary but a public blog. Sorry about that.

Great news!! After a sleepless and worriesome Monday night and Tuesday morning, I went to my local OB on Tuesday. She confirmed that BGB was moving and her heartbeat was a perfect 140 BMP. I got a better night's sleep that night but was still on edge.

Yesterday we spent the afternoon at the Special Pregnancy unit at Mount Sinai. They did a thorough ultrasound, which I sobbed my way through. She is perfectly average in all respects. Yeah! They even did extra movement checks and she scored 7/7 on them. Double yeah!

We're 26 weeks along now, and the docs are increasing our monitoring as we approach some crucial milestones. Our next ultrasound and blood work at Mt. Sinai is in two weeks. I'll be going there at least every two weeks until we get safely to the 34 week mark, and seeing my local OB between those appointments. They are keeping a close eye on her movements, growth and placenta, as well as my thyroid and uterine arteries, to make sure that we stay out of the danger zone. When we get to 34 weeks safely, they'll make decisions regarding her bed rest, c-section, lung development drugs, etc.

For now though, I am very relieved to say that everything is going well. PHEW!!

BGB didn't cooperate for pictures yesterday but
this is what a relieved mama looks like at the end of a long but happy day.


  1. This is great news! : ) Thumbs up for those people who take care of you and your baby. Medical professionals clearly show that they are competent when they leave nothing unturned. It is commendable that your health care provider was thorough in the matter. Hope for the best for you and your baby. : )

    Sharleen Jernigan

  2. Thanks so much Sharleen! We are truly blessed with amazing doctors, nurses and care facilities.