Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Silencing the Alarm Bells

It was another sleepless night for me last night. BGB didn't seem to be moving as much as she has been recently and it worried me. It hopefully it was just my paranoid mama mind. Her pattern of movements is solidfiying but because her placenta is anterior, it's harder to feel her move because she mostly kicks that instead of me. (Heck, this might turn out to be a good sign that her placenta has moved to where it needs to be.)  She's been moving around this morning so I'm not in emergency mode, but once the alarm bells go off, it's hard to silence them.

We were at the lab yesterday and have an OB appointment and  ultrasound at Mt. Sinai tomorrow, but I'm not going to wait that long. I've called and made an appointment to see my local OB this afternoon to check her heartbeat and my blood pressure. I'm sure that everything is fine, but that niggly memory is in the back of my head so an extra trip to check things out makes sense. Rather than a nuisance trip, it's exactly what I've been encouraged to do and what I encourage other moms to be to do. This could be nothing or it could be the start of a pattern that many women notice in the days before a stillbirth.

Assuming that everything is ok, I'll start daily kick counting soon. Movement is the best sign of a baby's well-being in utero and the goal is kick counting is to notice any significant changes to her routine of movement, and possibly head off a problem. In the meanwhile, we're in the limbo land, where things like her pattern of movement isn't predictable yet, leaving a lot of room for worry about what's happening in there. There's a pill to help with nausea, but sometimes I wish there was one to shut off the alarm bells in my brain. I guess it's training for all those sleepless nights to come.


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  1. Are there any kicks lately? How did the check-up go? I hope everything went well, and the baby is very much doing well. It is always best to ask the OB for any minute detail that bothers you. The OB wouldn’t mind any question, as long as it is about the baby’s well-being and would let you have peace of mind. I’m greatly excited to see pictures of your healthy baby soon. :) Have you finalized a name for BGB, by the way?

    Aubrey Holloway