Monday, October 1, 2012

The Eye Patch

Happy Monday!

After a heavy night and post yesterday, and another night of restless sleep last night, I could certainly use some levity today. I shared this story on Facebook but since it's still making me giggle I'm going to rehash it here.

Saturday morning started dark and early, discussing with Jonas about why he doesn't need to wear an eye patch for the sty in his eye. On Thursday, his pediatrician explained that some warm compresses and leaving it open to the fresh air are the best things for it, but he woke up on Saturday insistent that it needed to be patched. You have to hand it to him, he has some pretty compelling arguments:
  • He's convinced that he'll go blind if he doesn't wear a patch. He remembers that my mom had an eye infection some time ago and "Maybe that's why Nana is going blind!" Macular degeneration is a little beyond his comprehension at 9 years old, and well beyond my explanation skills at 6:45am. Nor did I have the heart to stop him from practicing his blindfolded Jedi moves, just like Luke Skywalker did. I would have perfered that he not do that in the living room with a plastic battle ax, but, what the heck, if I can't indluge one fantasy, why not encourage the other one. Besides, maybe practicing being blind will help get him over his fear of the dark....

  • He's worried that he'll pass the infection to the baby and turn her into a cyclops. Of course, he quickly developed mixed emotions about that too. She'd probably be picked on but she could also turn out to be the next member of the X-Men and, if she could shoot a lazer out of her eye that would be pretty cool, especially if she ends up having two heads like he imagined a couple of weeks ago.
  • He really believes that people will think he's Samuel L. Jackson if he wears an eye patch. No mixed motions here. If they think he's Nick Fury, he'll get to meet Ironman and the Avengers! Who am I am to be a skeptic? After all, in the words of my wise friend Pirkko, "The initial resemblance is uncanny..."  LOL!

Captain Nick Fury and Jonas: Twins from another mother?

Come to think of it, these conversations with Jonas may explain some of these weird pregnancy dreams I've been having. I had strange dreams with the boys, as most pregnant women do, but these ones are a little more out there. My personal favourite, is the recurring one where I am the head of security for the Royal family, specifically for Will and Kate. They've been embroiled in some pretty intricate international conspiracies in these dreams, which you'd think would lead me to being a James Bond type character, but no. Instead of sophisticated and stealthy, or even Royal Guardsmen looking, I'm always Dudley Do Right's twin sister. Of course, I also have super powers, so maybe it's not so bad after all.


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