Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: 3.5 Hour Homework Session

The assignment: Discovered in backpack on Tuesday morning.
Note that it should have came home a week ago and was due back yesterday.
No notes in the agenda about it except  one last week that said "bring paper".

Cut and paste took about an hour and a half, even with three of us helping to rip out pages of magazines
so he could find and cut out the pictures he wanted a little easier.

We interrupted homework for dinner and it wasn't any more pleasant. than homework time.
Meal time has become another battle front for us, not because of picky eating but because of lack of appetite.

Time to write a description of the pictures he cut and pasted to make his collages.

3 hours later, including a dinner break, and they were done.
We didn't worry about spelling or handwriting.
It was enough for one night.
Finally it was time for one of our favourite parts of the day:
Independent reading and story time.
Dr. Seuss and Scaredy Squirrel made it fun tonight
Demonstrating Scaredy Squirrel's fail-safe back-up plan to play dead.
Three different reading locations and one acted-out scene later, and all's well that ends well.

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