Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Great Day!

I'm thrilled to say that Jonas had a great week at school. 4 days, 4 smiley faces from the teacher and a reward from her "Great Week!" basket of goodies. Phew! As a reward at home, he got to play video games on the Wii for a hour or so this morning before we headed out.

After a week of being on edge, we all needed some down time today so we didn't schedule anything except picking up some groceries. After a trip to the local Farmer's Market and the grocery store, we had lunch and then sent Jonas outside to play. The sun was shining and it was the perfect day for him and the neighbourhood kids to make their own adventures. I spent the afternoon sitting in our big comfy chair, listening to them and taking the occasional picture.

Here is a photographic recap of what Jonas calls "A great day"

They started with a bike ride around the neighbourhood.
(Mom even got "cool" points for putting a chain back on all by herself!)
Then went to the store to get rootbeer and donuts
for "The Cool Boys Club",  which apparently meets in our backyard.
When they were done they built a fort using lawn chairs and a blanket.
The fort wasn't big enough for all of them so they put up the old tent in the sandbox.
Then they moved the donut feast there.
(The Scouter in me can't resist reminding everyone:
NEVER camp in a tent that has ever had food in it!)
Since the are boys after all, it didn't take long for them to start wrestling in the tent.

When the play-fighting got a little out of hand, they moved on to playing on the swings.
Next they divided themselves into teams "Skins" and "Shirts" and had a neighbourhood water fight.
The water fight got a little broad so they start chasing each other on their scooters,
as Dad tried to read his book while BBQing dinner.
They finished their day together by begging for a sleepover in the tent.
We said we'd do that another night but agreed to leave the tent up for tomorrow.
After the sun went down and the street lights came on it was time to come in.
Jonas's best four-legged friend, Macaroni, was waiting, after watching him through the window all day.
Finally it was time for my little ninja to and get ready for bed and read with Mom.
Those socks were brand new this morning. Boys!
My favourite part of every day!

What a great day!

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