Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Day Late...

 ..but it feels GREAT!!

Last night was supposed to be my first walk-to-run but Mother Nature had other plans. A storm blew in as I was on my way home from work. By the time I got there, thunder and lightening squashed my plans. (I don't mind a warm summer rain but getting electrocuted isn't part of my plan.) So, tonight was Take Two. After I read with Jonas, tucked him in and snuggled with him a for few minutes, I got changed, put on my still new shoes and headed out.

I loved it! I could hear the trees swaying in the dark, the moon was shrouded in mist and the crickets and frogs were chirping. Other than the cars passing by, it felt like I was the only person on earth. I was alone with my thoughts for the first time in what feels like years. While I walked, my mind churned over all the challenges and blessings of life and, while running, was centered on the very primal need to breathe. After a half an hour, I was home stretching. My legs are a little achy and I have a little blister on my heel, but I feel great. I did it!

I'm not going to win any land speed or distance records, but that's not the point. I lost a lot of weight the last couple of years because I wasn't healthy. I was diagnosed with Lupus a few years ago, and it's been a battle for me to stay in good health. I went from being overweight to underweight and, even though I liked the look of my body better that way, I hated living in it. It was killing me. I've worked hard over the past year to get healthier but I've let that slide since going back to the business world. My arthritis is bothering me again and I've gone a little past where I want to be in terms of weight. Just as importantly, I'm not fit. I can't just eat a healthy dinner, play dodgeball with the Beaver Scouts, go hiking a few times a month, and expect to feel good. That stops now!

I'll lace them up again for a walk tomorrow, go for another walk-to-run on Monday night, and take a few more steps towards my goal.


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  1. Jac, it's your cousin Erin here telling you bravo!! I started the couch to 5k program 4 weeks ago and I still can't fathom that I will be able to run 5k at the end, but what the heck. I'll give it a good try. I have a blog too, but it showcases my zaney side. Check it out if you need a laugh, but beware of the f bombs littered throughout.
    Take care!!