Monday, September 19, 2011

Thank You Fish N Chix!

Fish N Chix weekend was great!
It was exactly what I needed to refocus, re-prioritize and re-charge my batteries.
I feel ready for life again.

I am blessed with amazing friends. The Fish N Chix are 5 of those amazing women. No matter what life throws at us, we are always there for each other, strengthening each other, and reminding each other of our motivation to keep trying. We may not see each other for a while, but that bond is always present. I always come away from our Fish N Chix weekend ready to tackle life and all it's challenges. Or rather, I always come away from it believing that I can tackle life and all it's challenges.

It hasn't been an easy year. We've had to deal with a cancer scare for one of us, the cancer of a spouse, career turmoil, personal health issues, buying a first house, going back to school, starting a new business, unemployment, financial distress, relationship issues, parenting and a major paradigm shift in one of our friendships. It's been an epic year for all of us. Turning 40 was a minor blip in the face of all that and this year's trip took on added significance as a result.

Fish N Chix weekend is peaceful. It's quiet when we fish. (Except when one of us lands a fish, that is.)  Every woman is thinking her own thoughts. Far from paying the bills and weekly meal plans, common consensus is that we think much more basic thoughts than that: cast, "ooooh don't hit that stump!", reel, jerk, , set the hook and "GET THE NET!" One of the reasons Fish N Chix is the ultimate in relaxation is because it takes us to a completely different, more basic, place than our every day lives.

Conversely, our on-shore life during the weekend is peaceful in a different way. There's always music singing the stories of our lives, and we're constantly talking about every day life. We don't talk about our challenges every second but, we don’t ignore them when they come up either. We acknowledge them, talk them through, and find hope and strategies to try to make things better. We find comfort in finding ways forward.

Fish N Chix weekend, for me, is all about peace. It's about fortifying myself and helping to refortify my friends. It's a vital part of facing another year, and hopefully making it a little better than the one before, despite the obstacles in front of us. The older we get, the more intense those challenges grow, and the more important this weekend becomes.

Our friendships are so vital. I am reminded every year of just how much. I'm also reminded each year that I don't have to be perfect - as a mom, as a wife, or as a friend. I'm not always the person I want to be and my life doesn't always go to plan, but I know that no matter how much I may fail in those idealustic goals each year, I have safe harbour with the Chix. They are a vital part of my village. We believe in each other and from that I take great strength.

I will shine the light.
I will shine the light.
I will hold you in my arms,
until everything's alright.
I will shine the light
When your worries, they won't let you sleep,
and rob you of your days..
And you've looked in all directions but you
still can't find your way.
When you just need someone to remind you that it's
all gonna be ok, I will shine the light.
I will shine the light.

-"I Will Shine the Light" by Sugarland

Thanks girls!


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