Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Weekend for Mom

There is one weekend every year that is just for me. It is immovable no matter what else is on the family calendar. This is it - the third weekend in September. My annual Fish N Chix weekend.

The Fish N Chix
The Fish N Chix are a group of amazing friends who get together every year for a fishing weekend. I tell people who ask that the weekend is one part fishing, one part enjoying good food and drink, and a year's worth of relaxing. It nurtures our souls. It started as a weekend getaway after the busy summer and kids going back to school, and before the craziness of  fall and winter activities begin, and it has become a cherished ritual.

The rules are simple: You have to fish. You can nap when you want to. No boys or kids allowed. (The dogs aren't even allowed to come this year!)

I've never looked forward to it more than I do this year. I hope you have a great weekend too! Be sure to take at least a few moments and do something just for you.


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