Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Memories from a Camping Adventure

Jonas and I had an awesome weekend camping with the 9th Pickering Scouts. In no particular order, here are my favourite pictures from our weekend adventure. 

My bunk. I passed on sleeping in a tent but I probably would have slept better outside.
It was like a carnival inside those cabooses!

I was awesome to see Jonas so excited about Cub Scouts again.
We sure do miss 9th Pickering and can't wait to get back into action with them.

Jonas and the Cub Scouts worked on their knots and made their own tripods

Jonas has always looked up the "Thunder" and was very happy to be allowed to help him out
during the Scouts' Campfire Challenge

Using mom's knife to make wood shavings

His very own campfire!

Look at those rosey cheeks.
A sign of a day well spent.

Hide and Seek in a caboose!

Teddy had a great time too!

Checking out Pooh Bear's campfire blanket

Campfire snuggles

Having a blast playing with Kaa

mmmmm s'mores!

Jonas and Luke share building their campfire together

Being silly

Jonas earned his Canadian Arts Award and his Green Star!

Jonas, Angela and Luke have been friends since we joined Beavers.
It was awesome to see them together again.

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