Monday, November 12, 2012

BGB Update - Week 29

On Friday, BGB and I went to Mt. Sinai on Friday and all is well. At 29 weeks, she is doing great. Her heart beat is a healthy 150 BPM,  she has lots of fluid and she scored perfect on her movement tests. (We watched her practice her talking and eating the entire time.) She weighs about 3 pounds and is about 15 inches long now. That's the 65th percentile for growth and about the same size as a 3 pound loaf of bread.

She's head down but her placenta is still too close for her to get out the natural way, which is shut up tighter than Fort Knox right now anyway. They docs won't make any decisions about that until 5 weeks from now, at week 34. Our next appointment is on the 21st. Only 11 more weeks until she's full term. Keep your fingers crossed.

Having a premature baby is frightening, but we've crossed an important threshold, where 9 out of 10 babies born at 29 weeks survive. (I know, talking about survival rates is not pleasant but, let's face it, it's something we think about.) We're trying to stay optimistic and realistic at the same time. Her room is nowhere near ready (The first weekend in December is dedicated to that project) but the bassinet is. My hospital bag has been packed for a month or two (at Steve's request) and last night I packed BGB's bag. There's no diapers or soother in there yet but it's a good start should we need it unexpectedly.

Big brother Jonas is getting more excited every day. Last night after dinner, I told him he could go play Minecraft with Steven and he asked if we could watch a movie together instead. "We don't have much time left to watch stuff that you and me like. When my cute little baby sister gets here, we're only going to be able to watch shows for babies."  He didn't sound resentful, but rather excited. Still, it made me a little sad to think that he thinks we're not going to have anymore one-on-one time once she's born.

I've been thinking about that a lot lately actually. How on earth can I possible love another child as much as I love Jonas? How is it going to be possible to double the space in my heart and divide my attention between two kids? I know that it's one of the great miracles of motherhood, and it will happen without my even realizing it, but how can I explain that to a nine year old? The proof is in the pudding, they say, but how can I reassure him now?

I said "Sure, as I long as I get to pick what we watch." He smiled his huge bright smile and said "OK!" I then promptly picked one of his favourite tv shows. His look changed to one of confusion so I said "I like watching this show with you. It's one of my favourite things to do."  As his smile came back and he snuggled up close, I thought to myself, "Self, everything's going to be AOK."


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