Monday, November 5, 2012

Good News All Around

We've spent the past week battling the stomach flu in our house. It wasn't pretty but it seems to mostly over. Other than a few little bumps, we're all hoping to be back to the grindstone today.  There have been a couple of blog worthy events, and it's good news all around, so I thought I'd play catch-up today and bring you up to date.

BGB and I went for our two hour glucose test and, and despite having the stomach flu, I managed to keep the drink down for the required two hours. Our local OB called on Friday night to let us know that we passed. The first one was probably skewed because I ate lunch on my way to the test. It's good news and a good reminder that I need to be a little more conscious about what I'm eating and get a little more exercise into my day. Operation Healthy Mama needs to be cranked up a notch as we head towards the finish line that's a mere 12 weeks away.

On Saturday morning we all got up and went to Jonas's assessment for Speech Therapy. As the Speech Language Pathologist explained that the assessment was to determine whether or not Jonas was still eligible for services, and how high of a priority he would be, my mind kept screaming "Of course he needs these services. Anyone can see that!"  I kept reminding myself that he's been on a waiting list for two years and it's reasonable for them to reassess his need. It was a very thorough assessment and, at the end of the appointment, the SLP confirmed that, yes indeed, he does still qualify. She assessed him as having moderate to severe speech disfluency (stuttering) and rated his need as high. While that's not encouraging news, it means that he will be put at the top of the list for the next therapy intake. They can't confirm when that will happen but they do expect him to start sessions this school year. While the extended wait time is frustrating, she explained that they've instituted a new program, whereby he'll be assigned a SLP who will follow him for at least two years or until he is discharged. Gone are the days of 12 sessions and then back on the gargantuan wait list. She gave us some stuff that we and his teachers can work on while we are waiting, which is another step in the right direction. All and all, it was a positive day.

We were all a little shocked that the assessment was only for Speech. We thought it was for Occupational Therapy as well. The staff that were there on Saturday knew nothing about that, so Monday's To Do List includes following up on that. I know those wait lists are at least as long as for the Speech but I need to make sure that all the I's have been dotted and T's crossed.

So, it's good news all around, except the having to go back to work part. I must admit that I'm looking forward to being on mat leave.


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