Monday, November 26, 2012

7 Month Food Cravings

I was going to blog today about Jonas's home session tonight, but I'm exhausted from it so will save that for tomorrow. Instead, I thought I'd give you a fun pregnancy update.

We're at 31 weeks now, with 9 to go. I've gained 30 pounds so far, and the baby is expected to gain about a half a pound per week until she comes out and joins us. I'm trying hard to eat a healthy well-balanced diet, but do have some weaknesses. Food cravings are part and parcel of most pregnanies, and this one is no different.

My sister says she can tell that I'm pregnant because everything I pin on Pinterest is about food. In that spirit, here for your viewing pleasure, is BGB's current favourite food list.


EDIT: I forgot an important one - curried chicken and rice!
(The more spicey the better!)

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