Thursday, November 29, 2012

BGB Week 31 Update

BGB and I had our appointment with our local OB today. At 31 weeks and 9 to go, we're both doing great. I'm feeling very pregnant the last couple of weeks, and have definitely reached the slowing down and take lots of naps stage. This was definitely easier at 30! Thank goodness for Steve and Jonas and flexibility at work.

In addition to our now weekly OB appointments and bi-weekly ultrasounds, we're going to start going to the hospital for weekly non-stress testing. They're basically going to monitor the baby for about a half an hour every week to make sure she's doing ok. They'll be watching for regular heartbeat and movement and, of course, any abnormalities. That means they'll be checking us twice weekly now, and will be more likely to pick-up if something starts to go wrong. With Owen's 33 week milestone staring us down, this added vigilance should be very reassuring. 

We talked yesterday about an elective c-section. Our OB reviewed all the benefits and risks, and bascially said "Whatever you two want, is what we'll do." Given our track record, a c-section is an appealing option for a number of reasons, but there are also risks to it and that we need to carefully consider. The decision may yet be taken out of our hands but for now, it's something we're considering.

No matter how it happens, in anticipation of the big day, our hospital pre-registration forms are in hand, the d-day procedures mapped out, and we go for a tour of the birthing in a week or two. If things go as planned, I'm going to work until mid-January, unless the weather really stinks or I run out of steam. Time is flying!


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  1. Cesarians are really routine now a days. Heck all the women I know schedule them the moment they find out they're pregnant. If nothing else it's convenient. Risks, sure. But sometimes it's the best option for the situation, whatever that may be.

    I figure by week 35 you'll have a good game plan and feel much more comfortable.