Monday, December 13, 2010

A Split Second

Spelling list written out, my son grabbed his book in one hand, his pencil in the other and jumped up onto his desk chair, yelling "BINGO!" as he went. His intention was to jump off like Superman. I'm sure you can imagine what happened. I barely got "Jo..." out of my mouth before the table tumbled across the room, just missing the stereo, and the chair hurtled towards the glass fireplace doors.  The boy flew too. He landed with a loud BANG and I'm really not sure how his head didn't at least dent the wall.

Welcome to my daily homework struggle. Ten words took thirty-seven minutes to print - once - and nearly ended with a trip to the hospital and Home Depot. We've still got math and reading to do. ADHD means that six minutes of actual work are very often buried under half an hour of distractions. I hope you can understand why homework is my least favorite time of the day.

I never was good at science. Until I became a parent, I never realized that time can speed up and stop in exactly the same moment. A split second is extremely fast, but it can also move incredibly slowly, allowing you to see every little detail of that split second in high definition. It isn't enough time to react to most things but it can be long enough to watch every painful consequence in excruciating detail. It's also enough time to kick yourself about a hundred times for not seeing it coming sooner. I think it's God's way of heightening our parenting alert systems!



  1. Homework time at our place makes me want to stab myself in the eye!!!! UGH... I sooo hear/feel your pain. Pour a BIG glass of wine to help you with the whine ;)