Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Spirits

Five sleeps until Christmas morning. A week with three kids, no school and only building anticipation between now and the twenty-fifth. The kids woke up with their usual boundless amounts of energy, and no concrete plan for the day. I decided that their imaginations would be our only guide today, along with at least part of the Canada Food Guide and a little subtle hinting about how much fun it is outside. :) 

I should explain "the kids." I have two sets - my own legal ones, and a couple that I borrow Monday to Friday. I spend my days taking care of my friend's kids. We usually hang out at their house, but today I thought I'd take advantage of the "kid in a toy store effect" and move to our house so I could tackle a few more things on the "get the house ready for Christmas" list.  That means I've got all four kids with me today, with apologies to nineteen year-old Tasha, who's not such a kid anymore. ;)

Somebody else's old toys are absolutely wondrous. I was excited about watching "The Guardians of Ga'Hoole" with them today but I'm a dreamer. There isn't going to be any sitting down around here today. I'm pretty sure that none of them is going to stop talking or moving all day. They may still be in their jammies but they've already had a Christmas music concert, played with kittens, played bionicles and played video games. As I type, they are building a monster hot wheels track and holding time trails with about a gazillion cars.. All this before I've even started the water to boil for the coveted mac 'n' cheese out of a box.

The magic of Christmas is alive and well and the excitement is building!

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