Monday, December 27, 2010

ADHD Meds - Day 1

Naysayers be damned, Jonas started his ADHD medication today. It's hard to get a read after only one day but it was a good day. He seemed less frenetic today. He was still full of energy, easily distracted and needed lots of little reminders, but he wasn't constantly in motion and babbling like he usually is. He seemed like the same kid but without the non-stop action. Until bedtime that is. Enter the side effects.

It seems counter-intuitive to me, but his medication is a stimulant. Not surprisingly, one of the side effects is trouble sleeping. Jonas went to bed at his normal bedtime but when I went in to kiss him on my way to bed, he was lying there wide awake. As I whispered "I love you", he whispered "Mom, how do my headphones work?" At 12:03am he announced "Mom, I just don't understand what tutoring is." And so it went.  It was well into the early hours before he finally fell asleep. He wasn't bouncing around but his mind clearly wouldn't turn off.

The pediatrician and pharmacist warned us about this. They said it may take some time for Jonas's body to get used to it and we may need to try a few meds before we find the right one. We've got a little less than a week before school resumes and we're hopeful that this effect will lessen by then. Keep your fingers crossed!


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