Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: First Mom and Son Adventure of the Year

I'm a bit limited these days as far as adventuring in the outdoors with Jonas is concerned, and both have a bad case of cabin fever. So, we decided to not let the fact that I'm nine months pregnant and it's cold and snowy outside stop us. We found a nice compromise this past weekend. A tiny "hike", a nice hill, and a good 'old tree let us combine tobogganing and camping to make for a darned great afternoon!


We baked a little bannock at home to take with us.
It's not as good baked in the oven as it is over a campfire but it was yummy!

There was just enough fresh snow that it wasn't a slippy walk for this preggo.

Jonas got his fill of throwing himself down the hill on his new GT Sno Racer.

He practiced his snow ball making and throwing.

Climbed a tree.

We brought a backpack filled with Mr. Noodles, hot chocolate,
a couple of army mess cups, spoons, a kettle, water and a little camp stove.

And brewed up a little hillside snack, camping style.

Mr. Noodles, Jonas's current favourite, after good old KD, of course.
It tasted pretty good with the bannock dipped in the broth.

He ate on his GT Sno Racer.

I had a wool blanket and padded seat to keep my butt warm.

After he got his fill, it was time to head home.

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