Sunday, January 6, 2013

Big Brother in Waiting

A couple of days ago, Jonas started sleeping on his bedroom floor instead of in his bed. I asked him why and he said "Because it reminds me of camping. I miss camping and I know we're not going to get to go for a while." It made me a little sad initially, but then I realized that he's not really sad about it at all. He seems downright optimistic about it. He misses it but is clearly trying to make the best of it.

In that vain, I took him tobogganing yesterday and we worked in a little camping-style snack on the hillside while we were at it.. He got his fill of sledding, tree climbing and snowball throwing while I sat beside a big 'ol tree at the bottom of the hill and whipped up his current favourite - Mr. Noodles in his army canteen cup - on one of our camping stoves. OK, so it wasn't camping, but it was a pretty good compromise. He didn't even care that we were only maybe a couple hundred meters from where we parked the Jeep. I don't think there was a moment when he didn't have a smile on his face. (Except maybe I made him take his sucker out of his mouth when he got on his GT.)

Eating his current favourite food - Mr. Noodles - on his GT Sno Racer between runs down the hill.
We had a pretty good conversation that made me even more excited to see what the future brings. I reassured him that although things are going to be very different, we are still going to do all the things we love, like camping, hiking and tobogganing. There will still be lots of adventures for just the two of us as well. He said that he knows that , and he can't wait to teach his sister all about the stuff we love to do. Then he asked if someday he could take his little sister camping, just the two of them. "You sure can buddy!" I replied with a smile, unable to hold back the happy mama tears of joy.


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