Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Waiting Game

37 weeks!  After about 24 weeks of being on pins and needles, trying to stay healthy and optimistic, BGB will be considered full term at the end of this week. I honestly never imagined that we'd ever get to this point. WOW!

Now it's a waiting game to see when she'll arrive. We all know that babies have their own timetables, and short of a scheduled c-section, there's just no reliable way to predict when they'll arrive.  I've been having more frequent and intense Braxton-Hicks contractions and my hips are telling me that she's making her way towards the exit, but there's just no crystal ball.  We do know that if she's not here in 5 weeks max. they will induce labour, so we have an absolute end date circled on the calendar. Of course, that doesn't mean that's when she'll arrive.

Our places of employment are on labour watch. Unless she comes early, I've got 5 more days at work. I've been scaling back there and expect this to be a very non-demanding week. With two doctor's appointments and a non-stress test this week, I won't be putting in a full week despite the five early mornings, and this is the week where we're going to make sure that my co-workers can fly on their own without me. I should be like a  fairy Godmother this week,working but leaving the tough stuff to everyone else.

Steve has only been working scant part-time hours over the holidays, and goes back full-time on Monday. There is a plan in place for the management of his store when the time comes. We're going to play that by ear when a little bit. He's definitely going to take time off but what that time looks like is going to depend on how things play out at the hospital and at home.

Tasha 's employer doesn't do so well with impromptu schedule changes and she's getting anxious about it. They're building a schedule right now and want to know when she's planning to be here, but we just can't give them an exact date. Even a one or two day last minute trip during the first week or two could prove a challenge for them. Oh the joys of being a part-time retail employee! 

Jonas goes back to school on Monday, so we're trying to make the most of our quiet time together while we can.  My mom and BFFs are on Jonas-sitting stand-by for when the time comes. In the meanwhile., things have been entirely relaxed around the house while he's been off on Christmas break. He's being spoiled with lots of video game time with Dad, board games, tobogganing, late nights, and one-on-one/two-on-one time with Steve and I. We all know that that time together is going to be at somewhat restricted once this little girl arrives.

We're all looking forward to that day. (Ok, I'm not looking forward to labour and delivery, but I can't wait to hold her in my arms.)  It's exciting to think that there's a whole new life waiting for us on the other side of this pregnancy!


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