Friday, January 11, 2013

Baby Gear

So, the labour watch is on. Today is my last day of work and we see our local OB next week to schedule and induction. I can't believe that we're so close!

In the meanwhile, the boys did a great job emptying out Tasha's room so the renovators could FINALLY fix the ceiling. (It's been a 6 month battle with our condo property manager.) They did most of the work on Wednesday, and the final touches will happen in the next day or two. Once that's finished, the room will be ready for paint and furniture to transform it into the baby's room.

Soon to be BGB's Room, waiting for the final touches on the ceiling

A fresh coat of paint awaits...

In the meanwhile. I've got bags and boxes of stuff for her, just waiting to move in there. We've been given some pretty cool stuff, and have also discovered a few other goodies that we've added to our shopping list. I love it all, and since my nesting instinct is kicking in, I thought I'd share with you a few of the things that either didn't exist or we didn't know about when Jonas was a baby.


The Organic Kidz 4 oz Stainless Steel Baby Bottle that converts to a sippy cup:

Enfamil Ready to Feed Formula - Just add the nipple!:

**Before anyone gets on their soap boxbreast feeding, we do plan to breast feed but, things happen so we're staying flexible. We may end up pumping or swtiching to formula.

Super Winterized Baby Bunting Bags that go over the entire car seat/bucket/stroller:

Jogging Strollers with car seats:

And finally, just for giggles, one that will likely never see the inside of our house. I give you, the iPotty.

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