Sunday, January 20, 2013

BGB Update: A Week to Go

Hello friends!

I've just been reminded that I've been remiss with a blog update. My apologies. I've been on maternity leave for a little over a week, and am quite enjoying not having to go to work. Other than helping Jonas through his daily routines, I've been doing an awesome job of losing track of time. I've napped, watched tv, organized baby stuff, shopped, surfed the net, and hung out with my boys. I've even been doing a little housework. All and all, I'm really rather enjoying myself.

First thing's first - BGB has not arrived yet. Everything is just fine. She seems happy in there and we're both doing great.  She's been toying with us for the past week or so, but mostly just lots of Braxton-Hicks. We have started dilating and having some occasional light contractions, but real labour hasn't started yet.

They were initially considering an induction or c-section last week. We kind of expected that to happen a week ago, but our local OB was hospitalized with the flu so was unable to coordinate it.  (We chose not to have the baby at Mt. Sinai because it's just too far from home. Otherwise, she would probably already be here.) Since speeding up the time table is more for our peace of mind than any urgent medical need, we've been content to wait it out, while keeping a close eye on her and her activity level. We're kick counting daily and I'm still going for weekly fetal monitoring and appointments with my local OB, but have stopped the commute to Mt. Sinai until after she's born. 

The doctors have given us the option of a schedued induction or a c-section. Both prospects have benefits and drawbacks, but after much consideration and back and forth, we've chosen to try using the natural exit route rather than a c-section. (They will be on stand-by for an emergency c-section just in case.)  Even though they seem rather routine, and are certainly more convenient (at least initially), we feel that the risks of a c-section are higher than we're comfortable with. I'm not at all looking forward to labour and delivery but it just feels like the right option for all of us.

Unless she gets other ideas of her own, we're scheduled for an induction this on Saturday January 26th at 8am.  That's the 40 week mark, and has been her estimated due date all along. So, it looks like we might just end up sharing our birthdays afterall.

We'll keep you posted!


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