Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thinking Positive

BGB and I had another check-up yesterday and all is well. Her heartbeat is strong and she's growing right on schedule. Her legs and arms seem to be getting stronger every day, as she reminds me more and more frequently. Steve and Jonas haven't been able to feel her yet but I can. Our blood work and genetic testing came back showing extremely low risks of genetic issues (We're lower than the average, even for the under 35 crowd!) and the anatomical ultrasound last week shows everything is looking good.

The only concern is "placenta previa". Basically, it's a condition where the placenta is on the bottom of the uterus instead of the top. Essentially, the thing that feeds the baby covers the baby's exit route. The last ultrasound showed that we have marginal placenta previa. That means that our placenta isn't covering the exit, but it is 7 millimeters away right now. The doctor reassured me that it's too early for it to be a worry.
HA! Right! As she said "Both the baby and the placenta are moving around in there so the placenta changes positions as often as she does...."  all I heard was the WOOOP WOOOP WOOOP of the emergency klaxon. Until that moment, all I've known about placenta previa I learned from an episode of ER, and you know how that show always turned out.

Back to positive thinking....
They're going to keep monitoring us closely. It's not a risk right now but if it doesn't correct itself as the baby and her womb grow, it could become one for both of us. If it hasn't corrected itself by the third trimester (at 28 weeks or about 7 weeks from now) my activity will be reduced and I could possibly be put on bed rest if it gets worse. If it's still an issue at 36 weeks, they'll deliver her by c-section then.
Back to positive thinking...

The doctor was very reassuring. They're just monitoring it right now and will continue to keep a close eye on it. It's not a worry at the moment and we pray that it stays that way. I have another ultrasound at Mount Sinai in two weeks, and then diabetes testing two weeks after that along with another ultrasound. They're taking very good care of us!
In news of a completely positive nature, we're registered for Lamaze classes. Steven, my BFF Nikki and I are going to baby school in November to try to remember how to do this thing. It seems early but that's only 2 months until our due date. Time is going to fly between then and the baby's arrival.


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