Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mom's Weekend

                                      It's finally here!!
There are few dates on the calendar that I look forward to more than this weekend. It is untouchable, no matter what else is on the family calendar. It's the one weekend every year that is just for me. This is it - the third weekend in September. After work, picking up the kids from school, and making sure they and their dads are squared away for the weekend, it's time for Fish N Chix!

Fish N Chix weekend is when six of my good friends and I to head head to the lake for 3 days of fishing, food and relaxation. (We're slowly stretching it to four days.) It's hard to say whether the weekend is mostly about the fishing or refueling on girl power. We get together often during the year, but this weekend is kind of like going on a mini sabbatical, with no men, no kids and no work allowed. (Although we sometimes make exceptions and let the four-legged kids come with us.) Sleeping in and napping are not only allowed, they are encouraged, although the fishing is always better early in the morning.

Fish N Chix weekend feels especially poignant for me this year. I'm about to become the mother of a future Chic. I have to admit to being a little imtimidated by that. Raising a girl is a hefty responsibilty and it's one that I often feel under prepared for. As they do in mine, these six amazing woman are going to play a pivotal role in this child's life. This mom is going to need a lot of support to help guide her, and she's probably going to need a lot of support guiding mom. ;)  


Fish N Aunts:
Karen, Michelle and Hillary
Me, Kathy, Sherri and Nikki

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