Thursday, September 13, 2012

More Positivity!

In an attempt to refocus my mind, more positive news! Jonas brought home his first math homework last night. Again, there was no fuss at all. In fact he almost seemed excited about it. Excited about math? He's definitely his father's child!

His class is working on understanding place value and the first question was a bit of a trick to illustrate how to do the rest of the sheet. After a quick referral with Dad, Jonas sat down and whizzed through the rest of sheet and put it back in his agenda, announcing that he was "DONE!"

Thinking that he was going for speed over accuracy, Steve looked it over. I heard "Jonas! Come here!" in a rather stern tone and thought "Uh oh!"

Rather than the negative that Jonas and I both thought was coming, Steve said "Buddy, you did an awesome job on this! You got all the answers right and look at how well you wrote your numbers. Way to go!"

Way to go Jonas and way to go Super Dad!


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