Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Three Things

Three of the many things I am grateful for this week include:
  • Funded, in-school Speech and Occupational Therapy for Jonas. He's been on the waiting list for speech therapy for almost two years and on the wait list for Occupational therapy for his entire school career. Finally, on October 27th, he'll be assessed for OT and reassessed for ST. He has a great difficulty with handwriting and fine motor skills, which makes all written school work a tremendous challenge for him. He also has what is classified as "moderate speech disfluency, which means that we can understand him but he needs time to get his words out. Every second or third word is disfluent, meaning that he repeats sounds, elongates sounds and repeats words, and he often repeats phrases. As you can imagine, 9 and 10 year old boys find this rather amusing and he gets interrupted and mimicked on a regular basis. His self esteem has taken a bit of beating on both fronts so we're beyond relieved that help is in sight.
  • Amazing health care. BGB and I are being followed by our regular OB near home and also by the Special Pregnancy Unit at Mount Sinai Hospital. Given that this is classified as a high-risk pregnancy, we need extra monitoring and testing, which is where Mount Sinai comes in. We also don't want to travel all the way to downtown Toronto in the middle of winter when this little girl decides it's time to arrive, hence the OB and hospital around the corner from our house. We had another check-up at Mount Sinai yesterday and everything is looking great. There are a couple of warning signs to go with our history, so they're keeping a close eye on us. The two doctors are coordinating their activities so that they're on the same page and I've never felt like for a VIP in my life.  
  • Our amazing village. We are surrounded by so much love and we are so blessed for it.

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