Monday, February 13, 2012

Come out, come out, wherever you are!

The weekend ended with a bit of a thud for us. Jonas came out of school on Thursday and excitedly announced to Steve that his friend Michael was going to come to our house on the weekend. Thinking that was very cool, but remembering how this scenario has gone down before, we sent Jonas to school with his address and phone number so that Michael could give to his parents. Jonas got all his favourite toys ready and kept a close eye on the front door all weekend. Long story short, they didn't call, he didn't come over and Jonas was heartbroken last night.

"I asked so and so to come over" is a weekly occurance in our house, as is the disappointment that comes when that visit doesn't materialize. Kind of like when we sent Christmas vacation playdate invitations to his classmates in December and didn't get any responses. No matter how we explain and rationalize it, it's a huge letdown for him.

It breaks my heart to see him have such difficulty making friends at school this year. He has some friendships from his previous school and also in Scouts but the kids in this school just don't seem to want to get to know him. Life at school seems lonely for him.

We hoped that by being proactive and giving his contact info to his classmates and expressly inviting them to come over and play, we could bridge the gap between us and the other parents. It hasn't worked yet but we're going to try again with his Valentines and then again before March Break. I don't want to get his hopes up or set him up for failure so we're going to have to strategize a bit more to figure a way to tackle this.


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