Monday, February 27, 2012

BBH Weekend

It was a BBH (Brothers By Heart) weekend at our house. Steve picked up Jonas after school on Friday, while I picked up Gavin. We all met at home and it was non-stop action from then on. They a had a blast together. In fact, they had so much fun that we completely missed seeing Star Wars in 3D at the theater - twice - and neither of them cared a bit. (Me either, frankly. I'd rather them play in the real world then sit staring at the screen.)

The crown jewel of the weekend was going to the ski hill on Saturday morning, for their first ever snowboarding lesson. They both did really well and, boy, were they ever pooped. After 3 hours on the hill, they both fell asleep on the way home.
The best part for me was just watching them together.  They've been friends since before they were born and it seems like just yesterday that they were getting ready to start JK. They spent the better part of four years together and think of each other as brothers more than friends. I think it's good for both of them. Gavin's got some heavy stuff going in his life, and Jonas has had a tough time make friends at his new school. It does their self-esteem good when they're with each other. They simply accept each other. They both understand and make allowances for each other and I think that's really cool. Gavin understands, for instance, that Jonas likes to have his idea tried first, and Jonas understands that Gavin doesn't like losing. (It's also interesting that Gavin is the only one who can interrupt him and Jonas not have a melt-down about it.)  They were making adjustments for each other all over the place and there was never any real conflict except for the last minute at MacDonalds yesterday when there were was no more time for compromising.
The hurt feelings from the MacDonalds incident were shorter lived than the hug they gave each other when Jonas and I dropped Gavin off at home. A sign of a great weekend and an awesome friendship, me thinks!

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