Friday, February 10, 2012

Cinderella! Cinderella! All I hear is Cinderella!

Once a month, my inner martyr shows up and starts whining, complaining and feeling sorry for herself. This month she has a lingering cold which making her feel extra pre-Charming Cinderella-y. Without fail, she shows up while I'm doing some little household chore that I do every day without even noticing, and she usually announces her arrival with a loud, rhetorical "Why does it always have to be such a disaster zone in here!?" immediately followed with "Why do I always have to do everything around here?!"

When I get bitchy about housework, we all know it's PMS time in the Blanchard household. I'm not one of those women who deny it. Thank goodness the weekend is almost here. Of course, Steve and Jonas might have a different opinion about that. ;)


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