Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: He's on a Roll!

We changed the dosage of  Jonas's ADHD medication last week. Wednesday November 2nd marked Day One.
Early indications were that it was a positive change: a smiley face from his teacher as a report on his day.

He was very proud to arrive home on Thursday and Friday with smiley faces. They made three in a row.
Even though he missed out on a reward at school, praise was heaped on at school and at home.
Two more so far this week. That's five  - and five good days of school - in a row.


  1. Congratulations.

    I'm sure there will be hiccups in the future but the great part about having five good days is that it will give him some confidence that it is possible to find a way through it when he next has a bad day.

    Keep up the hard work Jonas!

  2. Thanks! You're so right. His confidence has blossomed over the past week. He was waiting for me when I got home from Beaver Scouts tonight to tell me that he got another one today. "I've never done that before, Mom!" AWESOME!