Monday, November 7, 2011

Lego Lego Everywhere!

Watch where you step!
Jonas is only allowed to play Wii on the weekends. It's a special reward that he very much looks forward to it. "Mom, can I please play Wii!?" is usually the second thing I hear on Saturday and Sunday mornings. The first is "Dad, can I please go downstairs?" It's funny that he asks me for permission to play video games. I guess he's figured out that I'm the gatekeeper where video games are concerned so he might as well cut to the chase right away. Smart kid!

I'm pretty sure he used every piece in the box at least once this weekend!
This weekend was different. This weekend, I didn't hear those words uttered once. This weekend, he was too engaged in Lego to think very much about the boob tube. He made about 30 different hybrid vehicles, capable of maneuvering in multiple environments to catch bad guys. I'm not sure how many hours he put in but I suspect it could be close to half  of his waking hours. He'd switch to something else sometimes, but would always end up coming back to the blocks It was a bit tiring to keep up with. Much like a tornado zone, there were bits and pieces of this and that all over the house at over given moment. He was so enthralled with coming up with new creations, that I almost felt like an ogre when I eventually made him go outside and play with his friends so he could get some fresh air and I could clean up a little bit.

He kept coming back to this vehicle, modifying it "just a little bit" to make it better.
He says it's his favourite. Personally, the look on his face is one of my faves!

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