Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Eight Year Old Perspective

I got home late last night because we had a Beaver Scouts meeting. Although this is normal for Wednesday nights, it didn't go over very well this week. I arrived home, changed out of my uniform and then crawled in bed with Jonas, who I knew would still be awake. I snuggled right on top of him and gave him a great big mama bear hug. After I gave him a kiss, but before I could ask him how his day was, he said "Mom, why do you NEVER take me to school or pick me up?"

No "anymore". No "this week." Just NEVER.

The difference in perspective been adults and youth can be interesting. What we see as minor blip on the radar can be a major issue for them. Due to a personal illness, I've been putting in extra hours at work this week. I've basically been working 12 hour days, which means I haven't been home for the morning, after-school or dinner routines. It's only been a few days and it's only temporary, right?

Not in the mind of an eight year old. We've asked a lot of him over the past eight months. He's adjusted to a lot of change. He changed schools and then changed grades and teachers. I stopped being a stay-at-home mom and have gone back to office work. Over the summer his older sister moved out and he had a new babysitter until school started again. In September he moved up to Cub Scouts and I started going to Beaver Scouts without him. He's even changed ADHD medications. On the total upside, he has also been spending more time with his Dad and his Nana.

No wonder a couple of days seems to define a lifetime for him.

Don't get me wrong. I feel what he's feeling. Hopefully we'll get back on track soon. In fact, although the schedule is still wonky, I'm picking up Jonas from school today and will drop him off tomorrow morning. We're all looking forward to spending the weekend together, when the only thing on the calendar is the Santa Claus parade that we'll all go to together.


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