Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thankful Tuesday: Three Things

Three of the many hings I'm grateful for this week are:
  • Scouts Canada. Simply put, this week I'm grateful that Scouts gives youth lots of opportunity to be successful in trying their best. Jonas has had a rough week at school academically but this week he built a bird feeder and is preparing to earn three more merit badges at Cub Scouts.
  • Other moms of children with ADHD, learning disabilities, etc. Sometimes it feels like nobody understands what we go through every day. No, it's not life and death, but it is stressful. My friends and family are utterly supportive and caring, but sometimes you just want to talk to someone who gets it.
  • Icecream. I'm gentically predisposed, on my father's side, to a deep and abiding love of icecream. A single scoop is like a bowl full of comfort and calm. A double scoop in a waffle cone? Well, that's even better.  My personal favorite? Homemade vanilla just like we used to make on my grandparent's farm. Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia is a close second.

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