Friday, March 15, 2013

Seven Weeks Already?!

As week seven of Abby's life draws to a close, I thought I'd check in to let you know that we're doing pretty well. Life with this newborn isn't complicated, it's just exhausting. It sort of feels like one really long day. She's feeding every two or three hours and hasn't mastered the art of putting herself to sleep unless she's in her car or vibrating seat. She likes her soother but is still learning how to use her fingers, so she needs help when she wants it but it isn't in her mouth already. She's generally a happy baby, and is working on her gorgeous smile, but her days seem to start at 3am and she has a seriously fussy period every night from about 5:30pmish until 8:30pmish. This all makes for lots of fits and starts of sleep during the night, and results in a very tired mom and dad. 


Jonas has been on March Break this week, and we've been mixing having fun with working on his history project for school. Much to his chagrin, he woke up on day one of the break with the Chicken Pox, so we've been mostly cooped up inside. We are going to end the week on a couple of highs though, before we clamp down this weekend to finish up his project and get him ready to give his presentation on Monday. He left yesterday morning for a sleepover at his best friend's house and Steve is going to take him out for a boys night at the movies tonight. He was almost literally bouncing off the walls in anticipation. I can't wait to hear all about it later today.

I'm sure it's going to be non-stop action around here when Jonas gets home. I have to admit that I'm not keeping up with him as well as I'd like to these days. Just like Abby is struggling to get herself to sleep, so to am I. One sage piece of wisdom that's given to every new mom is to "sleep when the baby sleeps". I haven't mastered this. I seem to get my second wind just as she settles into sleep and I am not inclined to let her cry it out, especially when the boys have to get up for school and work in the morning. I'm working on it, and am doing well to steal a little time for myself in the tub every night. Steve has been great about taking over the evening shift so that I can shift gears for a little while, and I am truly blessed to be in this with him.


Edited to correct the grammatical mistakes of the sleep deprived. ;)

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