Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Day in the New Life

Jonas, Abby and I spent a wonderful day together yesterday. They both had to see their pediatrician in Toronto - Jonas to check his weight and do an ADHD and med review, and Abby for her first immunizations. It went really well, although Abby might debate that if she could talk.  ;)

When we left the doctor's office, we walked out into a beautiful Spring day. The kind of day I've been waiting for for months. The kind of day where we could get outside and enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer. So, we had a quick lunch and then headed home to hit one of our local bike trails for some exercise in the fresh air and sunshine.

While Jonas got his bike, I loaded the jogging stroller with Abby, a diaper bag, a bottle of formula for Abby, a bottle of water for us, an extra blanket and our jackets. It took a little longer than we've become accustomed to, but eventually we were off!


The trail was soaked (but not completely swamped) and there were still snowy patches, but the birds were chirping and the sun was shining.  Jonas climbed a tree, we found all kinds of treasures, picked up some garbage, collected some tinder for our next campfire, threw sticks into the hugest puddle either of us has ever seen, stopped at the park for a while, let Abby feel the sunlight on her face without any barriers between them for the first time ever, and generally enjoyed a wonderful afternoon together.


After dinner, we settled into an evening that was a mish-mash of predictable and unexpected. Here's a quick recap:

The Night After

8:00 pm - Jonas gets ready for bed
8:01 pm - Jonas comes to me in a panic because he can't find Teddy
8:03 pm - we realize that we lost Teddy on our walk
8:04 pm - Jonas and I get our boots and coats on, grab our flashlights, get in the Jeep and head out on a Search and Rescue mission
8:13 pm  - We see Teddy at the trail head
8:13.01 pm - Boy and Bear are reunited
8:14 pm - We get back in the Jeep and head for home
8:15 pm - I laugh when, as he apologizes to Teddy for being left out in the cold dark night all by himself, Jonas says "I'm sorry Mumm-ah lost you." 

I'm not sure why it was my fault, but thankfully, we moms seem to come with built-in GPS system
that tracks every item that ever comes into the lives of our children (and spouses)
All I can say is "PHEW!!!!!!!"

8:18 pm -  We arrive back home and start Jonas & Teddy's bedtime routine a second time
8:47 pm - I kiss Jonas good night and head back downstairs 

8:48 pm  - I relieve Steve from a crabby Abby and Steve attempts to fix the household computers, which have decided that they hate me
9:27 pm - Steve declares the computers fixed and relieves me from a crabby Abby
9:45 pm - I give up on what I'm, trying to do on the computer and go for a bath
10:15 pm - I rejoin Steve and Abby on the living room couch to watch a movie
11:00 pm - Abby is asleep but my headache is now screaming instead of whispering so I go to bed
1:01 am - Steve puts Abby in her cradle and cuddles up with me
1:01.01am - I bolt upright, trying not scream, because my loving husband is like an ice cube
1:04 am - Steve and I finally get spooned nicely and drift off to sleep
3:20 am - Abby starts to stir so I start the "SHH!" + rocking + bottle routine
3:45 am - Jonas wakes up and crawls into our bed with Steve
4:00 am - Abby is not buying what I'm selling and Jonas and Steve are both snoring. There's no room in my bed for me anyway so I take Abby downstairs to continue the "SHH!" + snuggle + bottle routine
4:47 am - Everyone is asleep but me and my headache is back.


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