Friday, April 13, 2012


Sometimes I think that I should just stop blogging and talking all together. Whenever I share a good change, it seems like I jinx it. I know that, rationally, life doesn't work like that but....  sometimes!  OIY!!

From the moment I woke him as up this morning until Steve dropped him off at school, Jonas complained of a stomach ache and did not want to go school. His complaints escalated through the morning routine. He was in tears when his teached helped him out of the truck and into the school.

Gone is the happy go lucky kid who never seemed to be bothered by anything. For now, he's like a bi-polar puzzle that his parents, teachers and doctor are trying to figure out how best to support.

There are so many pieces to the puzzle that it's hard to nail down exactly what the problem is. His medication dosage could be too high. We may need to eliminate something else from his diet. He may have inherited Lupus from his mom. He may have inherited depression like his dad, sister and granparents. There may be another physical explaination that we haven't figured out yet. There may be something going on socially that we're not aware of. Maybe he's overwhelmed by the new changes we discussed with his teachers last night. Maybe it's us. Whatever it is, it's got a wicked combination of physical, mental and emotional signs and symptoms!

On the upside, we had our team meeting at the school last night and it was very positive. Even though he's still on the school board waiting list for speech and occupational therapy, we're very happy with the responsiveness of this school. The school SERT teacher and speech therapist keep us posted about his waiting list status and are working with him unofficially to give him the help he needs. When we gave the school the heads up last week about what's been going on, they immediately kicked into action. They implimented some important new classroom accomodations for him, kept a close on eye on his social interactions and started monitoring and coaching his self-talk. We got a lot of great feedback last night and decided not to formalize his IEP yet. He's doing pretty well in school with the accomodations they've made so far. He's a B student right now and that's pretty darned good.


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