Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Continuing School Struggle Saga


It's been a rough month. Just when we thought we had gotten Jonas back on track at school it all fell apart again. I should have trusted my gut back at the beginning of March when I thought there was more going on than him simply feeling unprepared for a day of school. While we've had a pretty good understanding with the school about it all, and he seemed to be getting the accomodation he needs, something's changed in the couple of months.  He's now having physical distress about even going to school and has missed several days because of it.

Over the past few months he's become hyper aware of his challenges with speech, handwriting, recalling information, organizing his thoughts and making friends. He knows he's different from the other kids and he's becoming quite sensative about it. The other kids know it too, and some of them aren't as sensative about it as most. His grades have fallen and he's started putting a tremendous amount of pressure on himself to be like those other kids. Re-enter crashing self-esteem.

To make matters worse, he's had a couple conflicts with some of the adults at the school who just don't seem to get it. His ADHD is very real. It's just as frustrating for him as it is for us, maybe moreso. We all know he's a bright boy, but sometimes our expectations aren't realistic for him.

We have a meeting with his teachers next week to make sure we'll all still on the same page. We need to come up with some new strategies to help better support him. Wish us luck!


Jonas and our newest litter of kittens.
If only dealing with people was as easy for him as it is animals.

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