Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Be Prepared!

Every good Scout knows that it's smart to be prepared. As a mom and Scout Leader, I feel I have an extra responsibility to do just that. I always carry a backpack of "just in case" stuff when I go hiking. Jonas does too.

I've been asked several times what the heck I have in there and since I'm re-packing for a hike with our Beaver Scouts tomorrow night, here it is. You don't have to carry all of this but it gives me piece of mind to know that we have the basics coverd just in case something goes wrong: first aid, communications, water, shelter, fire, food, hygene and a change of clothes.
My Survival Kit

SMALL FRONT POCKET: CPR face mask and shield, nitrile gloves

FRONT POCKET: LED lightstick, LED headlamp, lanyard with FOX 40 whistle, squeeze LED, small multi-tool, fire steel, Star Wars LED

MIDDLE POCKET:  First Aid Kit, OTC meds, gadget/tool kit

THIN MIDDLE POCKET: bag of snacks and hot drinks (coffee, hot choco, peppermint tea, cliff bars, sesame honey bars, peanut MMs)

BIG POCKET: esbit stove and 12 tabs, stainless steel water bottle nested in tin can, GI poncho, 2 person emergency blanket, 25 ft rope, 2 hand warmers, knife, match safe (with strike anywhere matches, 2 cotton balls and 2 birthday candles), small candle, old medicine vial with 5 AAAs, toilet paper, glasses case, fleece jacket (with socks, mitts and banadana in pockets), lined rain pants, blaze orange hat

 *bug spray and suncreen will be added as the weather warms, as will a bucket-style hat and thinner top (instead of the wool jacket)
*there are 2 carabiners are attached to the outside of the pack for attaching a second water bottle and stuff sack/dump pouch for my son's and little Scout's treasures found along the way.

Jonas's Survival Kit
Part of the Cub Scout's programme is making a survival kit. this one's a little more comprehensive than what's in the manual but what can you expect from a kid who looks up to Survivorman Les Stroud!

CLOTHES: dry bag with change of clothes including a blaze orange fleece hat, bandana, fleece top, pants, socks, wool gloves and work gloves

FIRST AID: bandaids, polysporin, gauze pads, maxi pad

TOOLS: small folding knife and multi-tool

FIRE: Gerber BG fire steel with vaseline cotton balls, mini bic, strike anywhere matches, birthday candle, lip balm and tampons
COOKING: ss cup, small hobo stove, tea light and aluminum foil, snacks (rolos are his favourite), hot chocolate
ENTERTAINMENT: Small deck of playing cards
WATER: SS water bottle
SHELTER: emergency bivvy, sportsman's thermal blanket with paracord tie-outs, paracord, contractor's bag, poncho, hand warmers
LIGHT: LED glow stick, chem light, crank flashlight, LED headlamp, keychain LED
SIGNALLING: whistle on lanyard, AMK mirror, bear bell on pack, whistle attached to fire steel, LED glowstick whistle and flo orange stuff
MISC: sunglasses and he also has a compass, which he's learning to use

His is similar to mine but with equipment and snacks that he knows how to use and prepare.
He does carry a knife and means to make fire but is strictly supervised in those activities.
He does NOT carry things like medications. 


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