Friday, May 4, 2012

Checking In!

Life just takes on a life of it's own sometimes, doesn't it? Even though it's been busy, life is good here!  Here's a look at some of what we've been up to lately. Cheers!

Jonas is doing well in school.
He's been on a good roll since our meeting a few weeks ago.

He started learning the recorder last week and he's thrilled about that.
(Mom and Dad, not so much. LOL!)

She's been living with her mom this year but she's just started an exciting new chapter of her life - 
She moved into her first apartment on May 1st!

April, May and June are very busy months for Scouts.

In addition to our weekly meetings and badge work,
it seems like we have events every Saturday and Sunday as well.

Here we are planting trees in the Rouge Valley as part of Earth Day.

We had another, albeit smaller, litter of kittens in April.
Meeting "Addy" and "Snowy" who are both looking for forver families!

We're in the midst of our 8th annual leaky pipe mystery.

Something in the upstairs bathroom leaks into the kitchen, annually, every Spring.
Every time, Steve rips open the ceiling and that magically solves the problem.
Not this time though. This time we think we've found the problem. 
This weekend wil hopefully be the last time we have to rip open the ceiling!

I've been fighting another lung infection the last couple of months.
Work has gotten a lot busier for me lately too - but I keep my gear ready.
I'm hoping to be able to sneak out a little more often to hike the local trails.
JONAS's 1st KUB KAR - Final
He didn't win any awards for speed or design but....
finishing in the middle of the Pack was a great experience for him.
We're very proud of him.
MY 1st KUB KAR - Final
Our group had a conflict with the tree planting event above so.....
I didn't get to compete this year.
It was a fun learning experience though. 

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