Friday, January 13, 2012

The Upside of a Mom's Migraine

Jonas making breakfast at 3 years old.
Teach 'em young!

A fascinating thing happened in our house this week. I had a killer migraine for a couple of days and wasn't able to do much of anything. It hit in the wee hours on Wednesday morning, my first morning of the week with Jonas. I barely made it to the living room. Jonas came downstairs ready to start his day, only to find me laying on the the couch with all the lights off, a pillow over my head and big bucket beside me. I couldn't even hold down gravol so getting him ready for school was too tall an order.

He put his blankie on me, tucked Teddy under my arm, and headed straight into the kitchen. He made his lunch, packed it into his backpack along with his completed homework, and then got his breakfast ready. He did a pretty good job too. His lunch had all the food groups, a bottle of Boost and a bag of cheesies. His breakfast was a bowl of cereal (with some berries. He made sure we had signed his agenda even took his pill all by himself. (Proof of that was the smilely face he got at school that day.) He didn't turn the kitchen into a complete disaster zone either.

He got himself cleaned, dressed and ready to go without any prompting from me except for time alerts along the way to keep him on-track. Getting him from the house to the school was a challenge I didn't think I was going to make it but we both survived. He even got there before the bell rang. Phew!

Yesterday was a wash, rinse and repeat day. Once again, he did an awesome job. They were two of the most stress-free mornings we've ever had. I think our mornings might just be taking a new shape.

Not bad. See! There's always an upside!


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