Thursday, July 19, 2012

Freezer Plan - Step 2

WOW! That last post generated a lot of ideas.  Finding meal ideas was step number one in turning this idea into an action plan. Thank you, my friends. I need all the help I can get!

Now I'm ready to move onto step two - figuring out what I'm actually going to make. I've narrowed down the list from everything under the sun to a bunch of our favourites:

-beef stew
-Steve's amazing lasagna
-beef bourguignon
-spaghetti sauce
-meat balls
-pulled pork
-pork terryaki
-oven bbq'd chicken
-chicken curry
-my mom's awesome chicken divan
-turkey stew
-mac n cheese

15 meals X 3 or 4 each would get us off to a fantastic start but, I must admit, it's more overwhelming that I expected it to be when I decided to run with this idea. My next step is breaking this list down into a managable action plan. Between the cost and the time it will take to shop and prep, I have no hope of making all these meals in a weekend. I need to break it up. I think I'll do a little freezer cooking every week. If I use the bbq and our two - count 'em - TWO crockpots, I should be able to do this without making the house even hotter than it already is in this summer-long heat wave.

Wish me luck!

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